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Hi random visitor!

Feel free to explore the public projects. Most of them should be mine, but they could also be from people I permitted on this server.

At the time of writing this, almost all of my public projects are still on GitHub.



You can contact me here: (PGP key)

received instantly


LinusCDE on Libera

always received instantly; treated like instant messaging; less clutter of other notifications

Tox (not guaranteed)

Linus: F378A8B111D906B9...EE617E5AB32AE3DB

should get received but I can't guarantee, that I'll keep running the client or remember updating that here if I don't


I also have other means (Matrix, Telegram and other common media). Please send me your details using one of the above methods and we can continue communicating.

Depending on the kind of communication requested I may reject because of a privacy hazard. If you want to use e.g. WhatsApp, Skype, Discord (for non gaming/casual) give me a good reason as to why I should use (any maybe keep up) your chosen privacy hazard.


Facebook, Snapchat (wtf). I won't use those, so don't bother.

Cosmos-Ink GitLab

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